I used to be a total gym rat at Clay (25 West 14th Street, New York; +1 212 206 9200) in Manhattan — trainer, weights, supplements, the whole thing. Then I moved to Brooklyn and broke the routine and really never went back to it! I’ve also gone through waves of being super dedicated to yoga at Modo (Multiple Locations) and then Jivamukti (841 Broadway 2nd Fl, NYC; +1 212 353 0214) — usually during periods of downtime — but at the moment I really just try to adhere to the keto diet, which works well to keep my clothes fitting at least. I’m also a huge fan of the Master Cleanse — I’ve done 30 days sometimes more ± with Revv Life Lemonade Cleanse To Go packets. Each packet is the perfect amount to toss into a small Poland Spring bottle. No mess!

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In terms of products, I have used Oxy pads since middle school twice a day, which seems to work at keeping things cleaned up; but I also recently joined the Retin-A bandwagon which I’m very happy with. Otherwise I use Aesop products for my face and body (since I grew up in the 1990s, the look of an Aesop bottle by the sink is 100% my jam). I use their Lucent Facial Concentrate, Fabulous Facial Oil and Honest Beauty’s Eye DePuff Gel. I’m always changing up the routine — I was just gifted a beautiful product called Caldera + Lab’s The Good Serum which smells heavenly and is handmade in Wyoming. My other go-tos are Classic ChapStick, Honest Beauty’s Magic Beauty Balm for cuticles and dry skin, and a splash of Agua de Colonia Concentrada from Alvarez Gomez.

I am newly obsessed with my friend Francisco Costa’s Costa Beauty Kaya Jungle body oil. I now use it everyday after a shower, and really throughout the day too. The scent is beyond beautiful, it’s sustainably sourced, and it’s just dreamy all around. (Couldn't find link that would integrate)

Some may recall that I had bright pink hair for a number of years — it was fun and eye-catching — the best kind of accessory I say since I could wear the simplest outfit and still have a flash of color! The constant bleaching did a number on my hair though, so I hopped on the Propecia meds. I use Hims for monthly delivery alongside their special shampoo and vitamin gummies. My hair’s just a good as before the pink now, thank goodness!  

Everyday I try to pop a Wellness Formula, especially when I’m starting to feel a little scratchy throat or sniffle I up the dose to 3 capsules every 3 hours. I’ve also discovered this terrific tincture called Rapid Immune Boost that you mix with water and it does seem to give you an extra bounce when you’re feeling a little off. This seemed to do the trick while every New Yorker was sick over the winter while I avoided catching it. Otherwise, the least amount of sugar and bread possible which is a challenge but is more about flipping a switch in your brain than anything else.

Although it seems ubiquitous at this point, I have never had better sleep than I’ve had with my Casper mattress! It’s true everything they say. And clean sheets are the best — my not-so-secret go-to is the washed percale sheets from Target. Houseguests always ask what they are, expecting something super fancy!