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Photographs by  Kimberly Genevieve

Photographs by Kimberly Genevieve


Featured 7.22-7.28.19 | Coordinating multiple schedules and personalities, often operating on very little sleep, staying uber organized and making sure everyone is dressed and ready on time. While that all might sound like a day in the life of a busy mom, it's actually just a very small sampling of the tasks on the lengthy to-do list of an in-demand stylist who’s dressing not one but four clients for the same red carpet event. And here’s the thing: In the case of celebrity stylist and image consultant Christina Pacelli, it turns out that the military-precision maneuvering skills she’s honed on the job have indeed served as a kind of extreme dress rehearsal for motherhood as she gets ready to welcome her first child this fall. But this is a woman who definitely made the most of her kid-free working years. After cutting her teeth on set for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and GQ in NYC, this Orange County native started getting noticed for her stand-out styling of cast members from Orange Is The New Black. Chief among them was transgender beauty Laverne Cox, who has since become a kind of muse for Pacelli, giving her a fresh perspective that’s helped inform her work with other non-sample-sized celebrities. (Newsflash: Not everyone is a size 2. And anyway, how boring would that be?) This is a woman who relishes evolving and diving into what’s new and who lives to rise to a challenge— so you better buckle up because the next 7 days are going be a wild ride. Welcome to Christina's week.