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My sister Amanda's nickname is "cashmere paws," and she has the face to match. Her bathroom is littered with the rarest, most beautiful bottles; it's like stepping into an alchemist's lab but instead of gold we're trying to find the formula for perfect skin. I, on the other hand, had a bathroom counter littered with hotel mini bottles and whatever cast-offs my sister and mom would charitably give me. But then I turned 30, and I sat Amanda down for some help. She shared some of her favorite products with me, and now I feel like an adult with a real skincare routine. Motherhood stripped my skin, so I focus on moisturizing and hydrating (two different things, apparently!). My favorite serum is Caudalie's Premier Cru. It just makes my skin feel beautifully soft, and make up blends perfectly on top of it. My morning moisturizer is Kate Sommerville's Goat Milk Moisturizer. It's light and very gentle, but effective. The goat's milk is anti-inflammatory and helps plump the skin. Eve Lom's Age Defying Smoothing Treatment is insane - these tiny capsules change your skin texture immediately and are my nighttime go-to.