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meet | claire thomas

Featured 4.2-4.8.18 | There’s nothing sexier than a woman who loves to eat, unless she’s also a woman who’s based her career on it. Equal parts history nerd (she studied modern German and Russian history in college) and total food aficionado, Claire Thomas is the brains (and aforementioned beauty) behind the food blog Kitchy Kitchen, the Sweet Laurel Bakeshop and the podcast, A Time and A Plate, in which she explores a historic moment in food in each century, starting from the year 1000 all the way to today. She’s worked as a commercial director, food photographer, TV host and writer, and while she’s painfully bad at knitting, she’s damn good at everything else, especially if it comes with ingredients and can be researched, understood and, of course, consumed. She has a true hunger for life, and we’re thrilled to be sitting at her proverbial table.
Welcome to Claire’s week.