I’ve always prioritized taking care of myself, and I schedule these things into my calendar just like I would a work meeting. I’ve never been one to struggle to find the time to work out if I want to or get my nails done as it’s essential for me to look and feel great to show up as the best version of myself in the rest of my life.

With that said, I also don’t stress about working out either. If I do, great, but also OK if I don’t. I mainly make an effort to work out for mental clarity. I enjoy a hot yoga class at Lyon’s Den (Multiple Locations) or a training session with friends at Dogpound (1 Renwick Street, NYC; +1 646 620 6533), but I don’t make it a pain point if I can’t schedule it into my day. I try to walk as much as possible around the city and will even walk when I’m in LA — which is odd because literally, no one walks in LA.

I reserve workout wear for working out only because athleisure is not a thing for me. I love Varley, White Nike Air Force 1, vintage tees & hoodies, and lately, I’ve been enjoying this one-piece by Bodyism.

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The way you look, both body and beauty, is primarily based on what you eat and how much you sleep. The rest, such as oils, serums and lotions, are lovely to use, but they’re not going to make a difference unless used in conjunction with a clean diet and proper rest. Lately, I’ve been on this kick of honey-based products from this line called Honey Bee Girls. The honey encourages collagen production (aka youth), so that's rad. I also start my day with goji berry water for its skin hydration and Vitamin-C benefits — I drop a handful of goji berries (I like the brand Thrive) in a glass of water and let it steep overnight. Plus I take Omega-3, Collagen, Vitamin B and Vitamin C every morning. I swear by acupuncture facials by my local acupuncturist, plus cryotherapy and lymphatic drainage at Cryofuel (499 Canal Street, NYC; +1 646 484 5682), and microcurrent facials. Regularly I get vitamin shots by my concierge doctor, and when I'm in LA, I always schedule a massage at The Now (7611 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 746 5525).