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Photographs by  Kate Uhry

Photographs by Kate Uhry


Featured 4.22-4.28.19 | Consider this: At the very young age of 54, writer Dani Shapiro has already penned five memoirs and five novels. That's 10 books. TEN. And all most have been national bestsellers (the most recent, Inheritance, was an instant New York Times bestseller. Instant.) Kind of makes you feel like maybe you need to get cracking, right? But don't be fooled, Shapiro isn't all about quantity over quality — not at all. In fact, each of her tomes, whether fiction or non, have one thing in common: Badass, brutally honest, bestselling writing. Yup, Dani Shapiro is the real deal. And while you might think that after five memoirs, you know her, she’s still full of surprises. here’s the deal: writing wasn’t necessarily her first love. It was tennis (OK, that was in high school). And then Bruce Springsteen (she’s a Jersey Girl). Luckily for us, those childhood obsessions didn't stick. But the call of the pen did. Her books are nothing short of transformative, taking us on journeys, whether her own or those of her characters, that are haunting, beautiful and always, always life changing, And now, we get a 7 days of her incredible talent.
Welcome to Dani’s week.