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I’m really into a beautiful, hand-done line of facial oils, serums, essential oils and bath salts from a beautiful company based in Hudson, New York called 2 Note. The shop itself is a Mecca, a place it’s easy (and encouraged) to spend hours trying their products. They also have an online retail business.

I’m particularly fond of the scent Opus 7. I use it in my diffuser in my meditation room, and also in bath salts.

For makeup, I’ve discovered one product recently that I adore, from an organic line called Kosas — a cream blush and highlighter duo in Velvet Melon Saturate and Illuminate Creme. The highlighter is the most gleamy, natural one I’ve found. I also love an eye pencil by Laura Mercier in Black Gold. You just can’t go wrong with it. It’s beautiful for light eyes — I find that dark eyeliner is aging and too heavy for me. Oh, and a shoutout to my longtime hair stylist, Jessica Gillin at Serge Normant at John Frieda (336 W 23rd St, New York; +1 212 879 1000). It’s the first time in my life I’ve been able to let my hair air dry. 

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I’ve been practicing yoga since the early 1990’s, and have meditated regularly since around 2008, when I began to write my memoir, Devotion, which centers on my spiritual quest. For the last several years, my days begin with 20 minutes of sitting on my cushion. People often tell me they think that they’re “bad meditators” because they can’t quiet their minds. But this misses the whole point of meditation. None of us can quiet our minds. But we can notice our minds. What are we thinking? What pattern of thoughts race through our heads? Each time we notice a thought, we have the opportunity to simply notice it and return to the breath. It’s amazing how powerful a practice this is. I have much more access to my inner world (necessary for writers, but also for all of us!) because of those daily 20 minutes. The ritual of arranging my crystals and placing a couple of drops of essential oils on my pulse points, sets the stage for my meditation and allows me to enter that still, quiet space.