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I travel a lot. I fly somewhere almost every week so it’s crucial for me to make that process as seamless as I possibly can and to keep my healthy habits no matter where I travel. As a model, I have to show up looking rested and rejuvenated so travel products are so important. I also like to cut down on unnecessary things like waiting for baggage or spending money on expensive waters. 

Cinque Terre, Italy: I’d never heard of this magical place until I posted on Instagram that I was going on a trip to Europe and asked my community about their own favorite spots. Cinque Terre represents the five small Italian villages of Riomaggiore, Monterosso, Manerola, Corniglia and Vernazza, all situated on the Italian coast with the most amazing views and a hike that connects all of the towns. My boyfriend and I visited in November (the off-season) and we couldn’t have loved it more. We stayed in a bed and breakfast in Monterosso and were able to hike between three of the cities and very easily take the train between the others. The food was spectacular, the views were romantic AF, and we got to stay active too. 


Honest Backpack: I’m a sucker for compartments and realized that the best bags for me happen to be diaper bags. I may not be a mom yet, but I love how many pockets they have and there are some seriously stylish ones out there. I have a brown leather-looking backpack from the Honest Company as well as a black carry-all bag that I love! They’ve held up so well, even through weeks of travel and hiking in Thailand. They even have lined and insulated pockets and always a perfect space for my laptop Kayak is my favorite website to use for bargain travel deals. Because I have a flexible schedule and can work remotely, it’s easy for me to open Kayak and type in a destination and it will tell me what dates have the cheapest airfare. I got a nonstop flight to Barcelona from LAX last month for $219!

Corkcicle Water Bottle: I have a water bottle from Corkcicle that is truly the best. It is tall and skinny so it fits in my backpack nicely and it keeps things cold all damn day. I always bring a reusable water bottle when I travel so I can fill it up in airports or even use it as a blender bottle for my morning bulletproof drink.

MacBookAir and Portable Charger: My MacBook Air is a crucial travel necessity for me since I do a lot of my work on the go. I actually love working on airplanes because it’s much easier to avoid distractions. I also bring a portable laptop/device charger with me just in case I don’t have access to a plug on my flights. I love that the MacBook is so light and it has remained really sturdy amidst all my traveling.