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Featured 3.5-3.11.18 | When you look up the definition of sunshine in the dictionary, this is what you get: brightness or radiance; cheerfulness or happiness. What's missing, however, is a photo of Danika Brysha to accompany it. Because Danika is just that: Pure sunshine in human form. It's hard to believe that this gorgeous creature was six figures in debt and living in her parents' garage just a year ago, because today, in addition to being one of the most sought after IMG Curve Models, she's the Founder and CEO of her dream gig. That's right. Danika is truly living her best life, and through her company, Model Meals, is making sure that we all do the same, one organic, healthy meal at a time. She's come a long way from her first job at In-N-Out Burger and we feel very fortunate to have harnessed some of her light for you. Welcome to Danika's week.