The Select Guest

Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 4.15-4.21.19 | How many of you out there have a tendency to do a million things in a half-assed way rather than one thing in a spectacular way? Same. David Burtka, the actor-slash-singer-slash-chef, on the other hand, is not your run-of-the-mill overachiever. Nope. This triple threat actually crushes every single thing he touches. From winning awards for his work on stage (he snagged the Fred Astaire Award for outstanding achievement in dance for his role in Broadway’s Gypsy in 2003) to taking on the culinary world via some serious training at Le Cordon Bleu (and in the kitchens of such luminaries as Cat Cora and Thomas Keller), to creating homes for his family with his husband, Neil Patrick Harris, that rival the work of even the most celebrated interior designer, Burtka has proven himself to be a true Renaissance man. And we haven’t even addressed his obsession with the art (yes, art) of taxidermy or his ability to entertain with more flair and attention to detail than the marvelous Mrs. Stewart — just more examples of the multi-faceted genius that is David Burtka. Clearly, Life is a Party for this guy, so it should come as no surprise that in his spare time, he also managed to pen a cookbook entitled just that. Which makes perfect sense, because this host with the most makes every single day feel like a celebration and this week, we’re giving you a VIP ticket to the party. Welcome to David’s week.