Wellness and beauty have become important parts of my life, especially as my body gets older, closer to the ground and cracking. 

Skin: I found this woman Jeannel Astarita at the Howard Hotel who is a guru for everything beauty related.  Her company is called Just Ageless and she focuses on the skin and weight loss.  These are some of my favorite treatments: Dermal Infusion for the face and the body. It exfoliates, extracts and infuses; Laser Genesis for improving skin tone texture and clarity; and IPL to erase brown spots and sun damage. She also does weight loss treatments like EmSculpt to built muscle, CoolSculpting for fat reduction and UltraShape Power for fat reduction. I cannot recommend her enough. 

I also started using this Defenage treatment. After I wash my face with Murad Essential-C Cleanser and then use the 2-Minute Reveal Mask, the 24/7 Balance Cream and the 8-in-1 Bioserum at night.  This treatment is fantastic and has improved my skin better than anything else I have used. It has smoothed my wrinkles, brightens my tone and overall rejuvenated my skin. I will sometimes use a mask but I’m usually too tired. There is also a device I use called ZIIP Beauty, a nanocurrent and microcurrent at-home facial device for lifting, sculpting and skin tightening.

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Acupuncture/Massage: This is beyond important to me. I spent a lot of my early life dancing on Broadway. Eight shows a week on a body is no joke. As I get older, the ailments associated with this wear and tear are more and more noticeable. I try to get regular massages, and I go to an incredible woman in the Flatiron District for acupuncture. It's pleasure and pain. She threads the needle in my sore spots and the tension releases. The feeling is beyond anything I have ever felt. 

Workouts: My workout regime is consistent. I just love eating food and lots of it, so I need to balance all of that with workouts. I try to work out five to six days a week. I like to do three days of weight training, and alternate that with fun cardio. In a pinch, I’ll do the Peloton bike at home. My favorite way to get my sweat on is a class. I love SoulCycle, RUMBLE boxing or restorative yoga. 

Diet: I am really into intermittent fasting. I have found it useful for when I want to shed some fast weight. I’ll eat with my kids at 5:30PM, finish at 6:30PM, and then not eat again until 16 hours later. I’ll have coffee with a bit of almond milk, and then at 10:30 I’ll have a protein shake. When I diet, I try to eat as Keto as possible. I try not to eat sugar, and three years ago I went sober and do not drink alcohol at all. It's so much better for my head and plus I don't have any hangovers anymore.