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Photographs by  Daphne Youree  // Illustrations by  Deanna First

Photographs by Daphne Youree // Illustrations by Deanna First


Featured 2.4-2.10.19 | If there’s one thing we can never get enough of, it’s beauty. And we’re not talking superficial, face value, genetic beauty. We’re talking about the kind of beauty that runs deeper than anyone’s looks — the kind of beauty that creates art, makes you feel hopeful, surrounds you and makes you feel joy. Enter Deanna First, a fashion + beauty illustrator who is admittedly gorgeous on the outside, but more importantly, creates art that is so fresh and lovely you can’t help but feel totally exuberance when you see it (and clients from Diane von Furstenberg to Kendra Scott would agree). But that’s not where her beauty ends. In fact First got certified in Reiki because she has a strong desire to heal, not just through her art, but through her hands as well. And when she’s not busy making the world a better place for humans, she’s rescuing animals. Because that’s what amazing people do. For a dose of grace and humility on and off the page, read on. Welcome to Deanna’s week.