Beauty & Essex
1615 Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles
+1 323 676 8880

You enter this magical restaurant through a pawn shop, and it's a really good one— you would actually want to purchase what they're selling. The dining area is designed to make you feel like you are seated in a jewelry box, including a wall covered with tiny ballerinas that spin.

Giorgio Baldi
114 West Channel Road, Santa Monica Canyon
+1 310 573 1660

Real-deal Italian food, ambience, and sweet, adorable waiters with accents. My husband and I had our rehearsal lunch at E. Baldi – we love it that much.

Sunday Night At My Parents
My ritual Sunday night dinner at my parent’s house in Encino is in my top 5 dining experiences. My parents Persian cooking is both delightfully nostalgic and totally yummy! Sorry, no website for this one, it’s a secret. 

For me, soup is the ultimate comfort food. This incredible soup/juice cleanse program was founded in Los Angeles by Angela Ressler. It's a godsend when I am trying to eat clean and don’t want to feel like I am starving myself.