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meet | dineh mohajer

Featured 10.16-10.22.17 | When Dineh Mohajer was 21 she was courted by Prince. Yes, Prince. He was desperate to get her in one of his music videos, calling her, sending plane tickets and basically stalking the crap out of her. As a voice student at the time, it would have been a dream come true for her, but she chickened out, opting to switch course and study pre-med instead. Giving up the once in a lifetime, otherworldly opportunity was a choice that haunted her, and she vowed then to never make the same mistake twice. So she didn't. Instead she used her power to transform her vision into the tangible, first by launching the cult brand Hard Candy and then by doing it again with Smith & Cult, the boutique beauty brand that blends sophistication with punk, both trademarks of Dineh's personality. So while she might have a fear of flying and an addiction to Candy Crush, she's also one of the coolest women to hit the beauty biz and her selects are just as fab. Welcome to Dineh's week.