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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 9.30-10.6.19 | Father knows best. For chef and TV personality Eden Grinshpan, that phrase is neither ironic nor a platitude, because her own father’s spot-on advice would prove to be pivotal for her career trajectory and her subsequent Instagram foodie star status. When, as a Toronto teenager, she became obsessed with the Food Network (basically worshipping the Barefoot Contessa), her dad recognized her passion and suggested that she study at Le Cordon Bleu in London. And so she did. After earning the Grande Diplome in pastry and cuisine, Grinshpan spent a year backpacking through India. When she decided to take it upon herself to re-open the cafe at an orphanage where she was volunteering, it was her father who called her to say: Hey, you know, you should film that. So she did. And that first video — after she had it cut into a reel and sent it to an agent in New York City — would lead to the development of her debut show, Eden Eats, a global exploration of the culinary world, which she sold to The Cooking Channel. The network also picked up Log On & Eat, where Grinshpan traveled the country to meet some of the most outrageously adventurous food bloggers and social media influencers, and she would go on to host three seasons of Top Chef Canada. Having ridiculously camera-friendly bone structure, shiny hair and personality to match also makes her a sought after judge for other notable cooking competitions including Donut Showdown, Sugar Showdown and Chopped Canada. Grinshpan’s personal tastes are Middle-Eastern leaning — her recipes for fattoush, kebabs and shawarma are killer — and inspired by both her travels and her heritage. She’s half Israeli, and in 2013 she married Tel-Aviv native Ido Niv-Ron, who was smitten at first sight and proposed just three weeks after they met. In 2017, the couple welcomed daughter Ayv, an event that gave us the gift of a hilarious series of breast-pump dance performances featuring the new mom — no shirt, no makeup, all joy — taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. Search #pumpdance for a quick hit of Grinshpan’s contagious joie de vivre, and follow her on IG to get inspired in the kitchen, and just in general. With her first cookbook scheduled for release in 2020, this woman is walking, dancing proof that you can be both the darling of the culinary world and an unapologetic goofball at the same time. Welcome to Eden’s week!