The Select Guest



Featured 1.1-1.7.18You know we’re all about using social media for good, and this week’s Select Guest is doing just that. Eileen Kelly, the doe-eyed beauty behind @killerandasweetthang, is taking her somewhat risqué Insta-fame and foraying it into a version of real-life sex education for women of all ages. With a goal of blurring the line and taking the shame out of sex, she's proud to be pushing the boundaries and her 400k+ followers couldn't be more on board. Not afraid to divulge that she’s on her second Skyla IUD, Kelly is a modern-day Dr. Ruth, who at a mere 21 years old isn't afraid to tell her coming-of-age stories to the masses,  while debunking sex myths along the way. She loathes peanut butter, loves vanilla scents and wants to teach you how to sex within your friendship circle (yes, it's a thing). This woman’s future is bright, and this week we got a glimpse. Welcome to Eileen’s week.