I live between NYC and Santa Monica. Neither cities are known for having a lot of space, so I try to make each as comfortable as possible. In LA I live in a studio next to the beach, so the air is really nice. I love adding plants to keep a fresh and clean feeling. I'm into minimalist and modern design and don’t want anything too cluttered. I have a porch with a hammock that has a view of the ocean and it's one of my favorite spots to work.

My apartment in NYC is a loft in Brooklyn. It's a 4 bedroom and I have roommates. Sometimes it's a lot of fun to hang out together in the living room, but I need to keep my room as escapist as possible. I have a lot of plants here since the air can get a little still. I tend to get cold really easily, so I usually hate AC. With plants, a fan and a really comfy bed with a lot of pillows, it feels like a little spa sanctuary. 

This is a great room spray I  found and fell in love with. Handmade in Italy by Claudia Scattolini.