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I love to travel and try to really immerse myself in a city and getting to know it like a local. I lived in London and Paris for awhile while I interned at Vogue in London and assisted on shoots in Paris. I loved getting to know the culture and becoming a part of the city. My preference is always to stay in an Airbnb or an apartment rather than a hotel, so I can really have the chance to see what it feels like to actually live in a place. 

I also love more adventure travel. One of my favorite experiences was backpacking through Thailand and Bolivia — seriously amazing experiences (don't miss swimming with sharks in Thailand. Scary? Yes. But so worth it). Since I had to carry everything on my back, I had to learn how to really travel light: This is a good time to find some convertible pieces that can be worn a few different ways because even though you're backpacking, you still want cute outfits to go out at night. I love the designer Tilly and William for this because you can wear their pieces multiple ways. 

Since I travel so much, I have great packing tips. I know it can be hard to figure out what to bring with you if you're going away for awhile, especially these days when you have to work hard to avoid excess baggage charges. I try to focus on packing basics that can be worn in many different ways and then bring a ton of accessories to change the outfit. A little black dress with a pair of converse and simple silver bracelet can turn into a completely different outfit when you add a pair of heels and an armful of bangles and can transform again with some edgy boots. Same with jeans and t-shirts.

Daily Dress Me is a great fashion and travel website. It lets you know the weather of wherever you are, so you know how to dress for that day, which is super helpful when you aren't necessarily familiar with the changing climate of a place.