One of my favorite products is True Moringa. It's an incredible beauty product for face, body and hair made from the Moringa Tree in Africa.  

Another beauty brand that I love is Di Loren. They are also from Africa and source local, unique, and sustainable ingredients. Their Acacia Silk really adds a glow. 

I also love CocoVit. Their Charcoal Face Mask and Coconut and Rose Bath Salts are seriously amazing after a really stressful day. 

Ajai Alchemy is an amazing brand. I love to carry their Grace Rose Mist in my bag and I use it throughout the day to freshen up after running around all day to meetings. It's also a great hydrator and keeps me awake after hours on the computer. It's all natural and made with Bulgarian Rose Water from an organic rose farm.

I love the Moon Fruit Superfruit Night Treatment. There are no parabens, it's cruelty free and amazing for your skin. 

I really think good skin comes from what you eat and put into your body. One of my favorite supplement brands is Hum Nutrition. I especially love the Raw Beauty Superfood Powder — It's packed with antioxidants and is an easy way to grab some healthy nutrients in between meals.