The Select Guest

Photographs by  Stephanie Stanley

Photographs by Stephanie Stanley


Featured 2.18-2.24.19 | Here are some mononymous people you probably already know: Adele, Beyoncé, Oprah. Here’s one you may not: Elshane. But you should because she’s amazing. And here’s why: For starters, the NY-born, LA-based (and back to NY for a hot minute) fashion stylist and blogger gives Carrie Bradshaw a fashion risk-taking run for her money, then there’s the fact that Diane von Furstenberg named a dress after her, and lastly (but certainly not least), because what makes her so f*cking cool today actually worked against her as a kid, and not only does she speak openly about her experiences being bullied, she fights passionately against it, making sure she bestows her incredible strength and confidence not only on her own daughter, but on anyone who finds themselves feeling different. So remember the name, because Elshane is a force and we can’t wait fo you to be part of her beautiful, rainbow-colored world. Welcome to Elshane’s week.