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MEET | erin kleinberg

Featured 9.26-10.2 | Every October, the National Women's Business Council celebrates Women in Small Business. So we obviously chose Erin Kleinberg to usher in the month that basically should just be dedicated to her. After a stint with W's Fashion Director, she went on to start her own clothing line at the age of 20, which spread like wildfire throughout the fashion industry. And as if that isn't enough, she then launched The Coveteur, re-launched her eponymous clothing line, and then co-founded Métier Creative (with last week's Select Guest, Stacie Brockman). And had a baby. And she did all of this in three years. So, yeah, she deserves to have a month dedicated to her. Or maybe two. To me, she epitomizes all that is enviable in this cool, new world of influencers and virtual celebs. Her eye for everything creative is flawless, as are her selects.
Welcome to Erin's week.