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Featured 1.16-1.22.17 |  François du Chastel has a foot fetish. But not the creepy kind. The Paris-born former investment banker-turned-footwear designer saw his girlfriends hobbling around on stilettos in pain and thought, why can't flats be fashionable? The answer is, they can, and du Chastel made sure of it with the launch of his company Chatelles in 2012. In just three years and with more than 200 original styles of gentlemen slippers reinvented for women, he truly has made the flat not only acceptable, but covetable. So covetable, in fact, that he's played footsie with some of the most well-heeled women out there (Oh, hey, Kate Middleton). And I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a flat over a heel any day, especially when they’re French fashionista-approved.
Welcome to François’ week.