The rise of social media has completely changed the fashion industry. It plays such a major role in our day-to-day here at Chatelles. It's given us direct connection to our customers - whether we're launching a new product, gaining valuable feedback or giving them a peak at what happens behind the scenes. It's also been an amazing space for us to find inspiration for new styles and collaborations. Candela Novembre is one of our favorites accounts on Instagram. She's dynamic, bubbly and has an authentic sense of style. I love to follow her to see both what she does and what she wears - it's truly inspiring! 

On a personal level, my favorite account to follow could be Garage Films. They post images and videos of action sports and amazing locations. I always find their account to be a little exciting, as it allows you to dream about your next adventure. It's always nice to think about something entertaining such as this on a Sunday afternoon.