I live right down the street from the Chatelles showroom, and given that I spend most of my time there, it has become quite a second home to me these days! The showroom is located adjacent to the St-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris, in a building that is quite typical of the Parisian architecture you associate with the city. We kept the inside of the space super clean so that you can appreciate the beauty of the structure itself - it's magnificent moldings and incredible access to all the natural light we have streaming in. Best of all, it overlooks the Rodin Museum, which is known for its gardens and most famous sculpture, The Thinker. We are lucky to have endless inspiration just right outside our windows. 

We kept the interiors to the showroom very clean with white walls and wooden floors. We decorated the space the best way we knew how - with the collection! There are endless slippers on display, whether they're mounted on the walls, lined up on the mantelpiece or scattered amongst our favorite stories on the bookshelves. We host special dinners in the showroom as well, and fill the space with long stemmed candles and soft fragrant flowers. This, in addition to dim lighting and great music, always sets the tone for quite a celebration with our guests!