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Featured 2.20-2.26.17 | Before I launch into my lengthy missive on my love for handbag designer Gelareh Mizrahi, I just want to clear up one thing: she is NOT related to Isaac. She does, however, have a brother named Isaac. But he's not fashion designer, he's a doctor. So yes, there are two Isaac Mizrahis out there. Anyway. Let's talk more about Gelareh because, ummm ...  she's awesome. A Persian Jew who was born in Iran and moved to Washington DC in 1990 (this site is quickly becoming my favorite Anti-Trump statement), she grew up with a passion for street style and contemporary art that led her into the world of fashion, and then to her eponymous line of super luxe handbags made for a new generation. Each bag is made of sustainable python and yes, they're beautiful and incredibly crafted, but more than that, they are the perfect blend of serious fashion and tongue in cheekiness (her most well known collection may be the Stoned Collection. I think you probably get it, right?). She's gorgeous, talented and smart and her selects are just as impressive.
Welcome to Gelareh's week.