I spent two months in the summer of 2007 volunteering at a Haitian refugee camp in the Dominican Republic. Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, with the highest rate of HIV AIDS and Tuberculosis.  Haiti also shares an island with the DR so what ends up happening is the people who have no hope left in Haiti cross the border into the DR.  The DR doesn't recognize these refugees and they have no rights so they end up living in the most subhuman villages.  There is one American family (The Amelingmeir Family) who moved to the DR 30 years ago, and they have dedicated their entire lives to helping the Haitian people living in the DR.  The father is a Vet who moved there to research the swine flu years ago and the mother is an incredibly strong woman who is the force behind it all.  Together,  along with their children and an uncle, they have built a village for thousands of Haitian refugees.  They have built medical clinics, schools and homes complete with electricity and running water,  which is major major. The most incredible thing is that they have gifted each home to the women of the village.  They believe if they can empower the women then everything else will flow from that.  The family continues to care for the Haitian people living in the DR.  It completely changed my life being there — when I came back I realized how incredibly blessed we all are, and how we have no idea how the rest of the world is living.  You can donate towards all this goodness via paypal at and specify how you'd like the money spent (either towards someone's surgery, hospital bills, building  clinic, etc)