We just moved to Miami Beach. I was so sad to be leaving our little nook in Williamsburg, but I am so happy being here. I love New York, but now I really really really love Miami. Our house is a 5 minute walk to the beach and I love that my boys are little beach bums running around with their little naked butts on the beach.  
We had a great time decorating our house, and thanks to the suggestion of my friend and interior designer Stacey Caldwell we took this house and are making it ours.  I was nervous about the  house in the beginning because the interiors were all a green brown color and it had a huge outdated stone fireplace in the front room when you walked in.  We painted everything white and covered the fireplace with drywall and now it feels so charming. 
Through my husband's collaborations with artists for Art Basel, we have become really good friends with some super talented artists and I have so much joy seeing their artwork hanging in our home.  We have a huge Friends With You hanging in the living room. and can't wait to have one of Jen Stark's trippy statues. We also just bought our first piece of art at Art Basel this year.  A super colorful drawing by Todd James.  I think art is the one thing we get excited to spend money on, and I love that we both gravitate towards the same stuff.