My most favorite trips are the ones I have taken with my husband and my entire family — parents, brothers and whole crew. I come from a very large Persian-Jewish family and I really enjoy hanging out with them. Also growing up we never really went anywhere or took vacations, so to be able to go away together now really makes it extra special. This past summer we went to Israel for my younger brother's medical school graduation and it was epic. Firstly, because we were all there for such an incredible reason, and secondly because we stayed in this awesome hotel called the Market House in Old Jaffa in the Shuk Hapishpeshim flea market (which literally translates to the Shuk with the Fleas). It's the most charming place I have ever been, steps from the hustle of Tel Aviv and it felt like a cooler, more chill version of Williamsburg. The area is filled with artists and young kids, and Its also the one place where the Israelis and Palestinians live side by side and eat at the same spots and it just feels so good. In my dream world, I would rent a little apartment there and go back every year with the whole crew.