Lately, I’m all about trying to do workouts that make me happy, rather than those that feel like a chore. I recently took my first-ever tennis class at Court 16 (526 Baltic Street; +1 718 875 5550) in Brooklyn, and was surprised at how much fun it was. I'm also getting back into dance. I took ballet for 15 years growing up, but hadn’t danced regularly in years. Going back to formal lessons has brought me so much nostalgic joy. I met a wonderful teacher, Jess Grippo, through her Saturday morning classes at Studio Maya (603 Bergen Street Suite #103, Brooklyn; +1 917 837 3705), and I'm currently doing a workshop with her called Ballet for Dance Rebels, a nine-week class that's designed for people who used to dance (or want to), but haven't in a long time to reclaim their inner dancer. At the end of the nine weeks, there's a live performance called The Dance Rebels' Revival Show. I’m really excited to participate in this ongoing workshop where we learn an actual routine. I was so sick of dragging myself to spin or pilates classes and never feeling excited about it. I think regular workouts are important, but I’m excited to try ones that feel creative and fulfilling instead of filling me with dread.

When it comes to clothes for working out, my favorites are from Girlfriend Collective. Their high-waisted compressive leggings actually stay up, and I love all their color options, which feel more sophisticated and luxe than a lot of usual workout gear. Plus, the fabric is made out of recycled plastic bottles. I currently wear the leggings and Paloma bra in Globe.

As I get older, I get more and more into skincare (I like to joke that skincare is my love language). I’m especially obsessed with exfoliation in an attempt to get the glowing skin I want. I wouldn’t say I’ve found my holy grail product yet, but here are some I like in the meantime:

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I love searching Amazon for cult products with tons of amazing reviews, which is where I found this Korean peel that I really love. You spread a thin layer on your face, let it dry for a few minutes, then rub it off. I would say this is gentle enough for most skin types. (In my non-expert opinion.)

I also love these, which are definitely harsher but work for my skin type. With both of these, even the milder one, you definitely have to follow up with a good moisturizing system. I like a hyaluronic acid (this one's nice) a serum like this one from Caudalie, which smells amazing and is maybe the only product I’ve gone through a full bottle of multiple times, and I like to do an overnight mask at least once a week, like Laneige's Water Sleeping Mask (which I also like to use on long flights).