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meet | geri hirsch

Featured 12.11-12.17.17 | In 2005, Geri Hirsch sat down at her computer and started blogging. Not because she had a lifelong dream to blog, but because she needed a creative outlet to distract her from her fantastically unsatisfying day job and because she wanted a place to fully explore the worlds of fashion, music, food and art. And what started as a side hustle quickly became a passion, and her blog, Because I'm Addictedhas amassed a ridiculously large cult following, as has her perfectly curated Instagram feed (oh, hey, 88K). Maybe it's her dedication to sharing inspiration for a life well led, maybe it's because when you read her words you instantly feel like you've just met your best friend (if your best friend is drop dead gorgeous, a lifer at Coachella and is 8 months pregnant. Don't worry — she promises to sit this year out. Maybe.), or maybe it's because she has more style in her pinky than I could ever hope to have in my whole body. But whatever the special sauce is that makes Geri a person of total interest, she's got it in spades.
Welcome to Geri's week.