Interior consideration is something I may have been born with. My mother was an interior designer, so I grew up going to clients homes with her, watching my home change on the monthly. I would read stacks of Architectural Digest along with my Seventeen Magazines. My mother decorated and changed our home like one would change their outfit. I remember going to design showrooms with her and admiring the fabrics, the furniture, the accents. I attended an art college after high school, where I thought I would become a conceptual furniture designer, until I discovered makeup artistry and dropped out to pursue that. But the love of architecture and design has never left me. As I’ve gotten older, I have begun to take my furniture buying more seriously, trying to invest in pieces that I know will last me a long time. One place I love finding special pieces from is Night Palm. The owner is Tiffany Howell, who is this stunningly beautiful and talented interior designer. She hand selects all of the pieces in her shop, all of which are gorgeous and unique vintage designs. I found my favorite lamp there and it sits right next to my bed.

I am such a homebody. I think I am actually an Ambivert - it’s someone who refuels by being alone but needs to share what they’ve learned with people, though those people have to be intentional. What I mean by this is that I love being home, but I also love spending quality time with those I care about. Making my home a place where I can bring guests and have them feel special in my space was really important. I found my loft about three years ago. It sits on the outskirts of the Arts District outside of DTLA. I have my NOTO lab and office on the bottom floor, but on the top floor is where I live. I have my record player and typewriter, as well as my library of books and notepads to sketch on. I love cooking as well, so everything I love to do I can do all in one room. Right now I am reading Beth Pickens book, Your Art Will Save Your Life, and I am working with Sarah Gottess’ Many Moon’s workbook, with a pop-in a Jean Genet poetry book here and there to break things up.

It feels a bit like a jungle in my place. I have plants hanging and sitting in every corner. I just got the most beautiful handmade potted plant by Sanso that makes me smile every morning.

My bed may be my most favorite place in the house. I take the comfort of it very seriously. I have linen sheets by Parachute that feel so loving on my skin. And a big comforter that I wrap myself in as often as possible. I have a skylight that can sometimes shed moonlight into my place, which is so beautiful but bright. I just got a new eye mask from Everybody World to keep me dreaming through the night, and I love it.

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My bathroom is also really lovely with its clawfoot tub. I sit and soak almost every day in the winter. I will mix up my own potion of bath tea, usually consisting of mustard seed, dried rose and epsom salts. I have this bath mat from Cold Picnic that makes me so happy to look at. They are the best at mixing playful tones with abstract shapes without feeling over the top. I ordered it from Coming Soon in NYC (37 Orchard Street, New York; +1 212 226 4548). This shop has such amazing selections. The two women who own it have such a unique eye for things that are practical but so cool and unique, unlike any other home shop I have been to. Another store I absolutely love is Eskina Space (615 W Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA; +1 323 528 8828) by my friends, power couple Chelito and Chris. Together they have the most special taste. Every time I go to visit them, I am greeted with the most warm and welcoming smiles and hugs. They have such a good eye for textiles and ceramics, among other things. I also always have something burning, either a piece of sage or palo santo or my Ash Candle from the raddest of dudes over at Boy Smells.