I have two very specific places that I like to eat in rotation: Botanica Market + Restaurant in Silverlake (1620 Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 522 6106), and Honey Hi in Echo Park (1620 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 213 221 7810). I could honestly eat at Botanica all day, every day. I usually go for a run around the Silver Lake Reservoir and swing by for a coffee or a Matcha with homemade date cashew milk from them. Or if I have more time, I will take a seat, bring a notebook or some work, and order something like their Turkish Egg dish. Everything I love about breakfast food is in this dish. They also have the most amazing sourdough bread covered in garlic and olive oil. If I’m there for dinner, I always get the Japanese Sweet potatoes, baked and covered in the most amazing chimichurri sauce that I have ever had. Basically anything you get there is amazing, made with local and seasonal ingredients, and the owners Heather and Emily feel like family to me. The staff there is so well informed on wine and the menu that I trust them ordering for me. Tyler, one of my favorite waiters, always hooks me up with the best wine selection. Not to mention they all know my name at this point so it feels like my Cheers.

Honey Hi is owned by two friends, Kacie and Caitlyn. Kacie goes to the farmer’s market twice a week to hand select the ingredients from local farmers. You don’t know this off the bat, because the food there is so delicious, but it is all meticulously planned for health. Kacie is the chef and she is also a nutritionist. Both women have self healed their autoimmune diseases through food, which is what inspired Honey Hi’s birth.

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And on a special occasion, I’ll go to Kismet (4648 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 409 0404) and order every single thing on the menu and feel like I’ve had some sort of party in all of my senses. Not to mention they have to most incredible wine director, Kae Whalen.

On that wine note, one place I love finding the most unique and special wines is Psychic Wines (2825 Bellevue Ave, Los Angeles; +1 213 915 0600). Quinn is one of the owners, and is so helpful and knowledgeable on all things natural and raw wines. I have never left there without a bottle I didn’t love.

To be fair, I cook most of the time. Give me a Vitamix, a cast iron pan and a Global knife and I will make the most amazing sautéed vegetables, soup, or random dish you could ask for. I love finding produce at CookBook in Echo Park (1549 Echo Park Avenue, Los Angeles; +1 213 250 1900) or Urban Radish (661 Imperial Street, Los Angeles; +1 213 892 1570) near me in the Arts District. Both locations are fully loaded with locally sourced and unique goods.

I eat pretty simply at home. I love to roast a kabocha squash and add some ghee and salt, or sautéed garlic, kale, collard greens and sweet potatoes. Blend them up after all the flavors marinate, making a thick soup.

I also love to make infused waters to drink during the day, or a big pitcher of tea.

But the most motivating part of my day is my morning when I make my morning drink which fuels me for the day. I drink it out of my hand thrown ceramic Scorpio mug made by Riya Lerner. It’s part of my two-hour a.m. routine which includes waking up, putting the water on to boil, grinding things, whipping things, pouring things, then drinking things. My morning drinks are pretty complex, ranging from Matcha, cacao beans, coffee beans and adaptogen herbs. Milks ranging from coconut milk, heavy cream, raw cream, or ghee, sometimes adding cinnamon or ginger, and sometimes it’s just straight up coffee and milk.

I also love tea and love using as much ginger, mugwort and nettles as possible in my teas.

I get a lot of my herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, Sun Potion and Cap Beauty. Mountain Rose Herbs has such an incredible selection of dried teas made in incredibly ethical ways. Sun Potion and Cap Beauty make adaptogen powders that I love to spike my morning drinks with, or even in teas and smoothies.