Movement is a daily part of my life. I don’t feel right if I haven’t incorporated some type of flow in my day that got my heart rate up. Some days it’s just a walk, and some days it’s punching and kicking a heavy bag. I try to listen to my body these days and see what it feels. A few years back I used to push myself really hard with no resting days, which ended in a body fatigue that I am still working out. So I try to be more patient with myself.

My day starts out with quiet. I make my drink, have a few sips, then go into a meditation for about 20 minutes. I use mala beads made by my favorite duo at Spellbound Sky (4210 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 284 8115) and sometimes a pendulum made by Courtney Bensik. I always use a meditation oil that was custom made for me by my good friend Kelly Williams who does an incredible private session of bodywork movement and then blends you a specific oil targeted to inspiring your deepest desires and needs. This oil always pulls me right into the zone. I put it on my neck, temples and even on my nose so I can inhale it all in. Then I pop over to my typewriter and take a few moments to do some automatic writing. Sometimes it turns into poetry, other times it turns into a nonsensical rambling. Either way, it feels good to get it out. Some mornings I draw or paint if I have the extra time. Then I do whatever it takes to get my workout clothing on. I was gifted a set from Outdoor Voices. I like the leggings because they seem to hold everything in tight, making me feel like I can go fast.

I either go to my gym at Equinox (Multiple Locations), run the Silver Lake Reservoir (I love doing this the most because it gets me outside and around trees) or go to the bottom floor of my loft and punch the bag and lift some weights.

After my workout, I race home and dive into a hot shower. I put extra attention to this portion. Prior to jumping in the shower, I like to dry brush my legs and hips. This helps circulation. But to be honest, I just love how it feels. In the shower I use my Resurface Scrub all over my body. It makes my skin feel so smooth and like it’s breathing. I hardly wash my hair but I will get it wet just to refresh the texture. Out of the shower, I use my Deep Serum and massage it into my skin. This serum gives my skin a serious hydrating quality and glowing finish. It also smells amazing, so that moment of application is extra special. In an upward motion, I massage it in, bringing circulation and pushing the product into full absorption. I layer on my Moisture Riser Cream on top of the Serum on days that I am feeling like I need extra softness. This is such a great time to connect with myself, love myself and feel my body. I love using La Tierra Sagrada Treatment in my hair as well as my Agender Oil — this combo helps give my hair texture. Since my hair is wavy, it helps it look a bit more polished and healthy. The smells of both of these products give my senses a boost and since they are all natural, I can rub the residue into my hands for moisture afterwards.

I know this sounds like an extensive morning. Don’t get it twisted — some mornings I don’t even have time to take a shower, and some days I only have time to do half of what I mentioned. I try to get up around 5:30 a.m. or 6:00 a.m. to get it all happening, because I know that the rest of my day will be in full speed. So this is the time I set aside for myself to be with myself. And that to me is very important and a priority.

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For makeup, I keep it pretty simple. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation in the areas I may need some help in, Vegan Mascara by My Sappho and my NOTO multi-benne stain in Ono Ono on the cheeks. That’s basically it most days.

I like to keep my products as natural as possible since they will be sitting on my skin. But sometimes I like to add a bold lip, even colors like a black or a blue. I love using my friend Isabella’s gender fluid lined called Fluide Beauty. You can use the lip colors as cream shadows too, and they stay on all night long.