We're both pretty active gents, and we both have two jobs basically (Talmadge runs Pharmacie full time at the moment, and Chris is an aerospace engineer by day), so working out and feeling good is important to surviving the world. Tal goes for a boxing routine at Fortune Gym (7574 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles; +1 323 845 4755. Note: his instructor is Gabe Johns, super good guy!), while Chris usually opts for a bike ride (streets or occasionally up in the Santa Monica mountains) or a jog. Tal generally keeps his bike stationary and gets into SoulCycle when he feels like pouring out a few buckets of sweat.


We keep it clean and nice, that’s a fact. We have gone to the Korean spa (together, of course).  We like grooming products, but aren’t too fussy or fancy about anything. Chris uses Prospector Co. Burrough’s Beard Oil to keep the facial hair looking and smelling friendly, and Talmadge is more of a clean-shave kind of guy. Feeling good and making time to take care of ourselves and relax at a spa or massage once in a while isn’t our top priority in life right now, but we set aside time once in a while to take the care up a notch.