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Featured 10.23-10.29.17 | I think it's safe to say that the current state of affairs in our world is driving many of us (me) to drink. And while I love a nice bar, liquor stores are not my thing. They're all kind of seedy and make you feel you should be drinking your tequila out of a paper bag on a park bench. Which is where Talmadge Lowe and Chris Harris come in. As the proprietors of Hi-Lo Liquor Market in Culver City, CA, they've rejuvenated the classic neighborhood liquor store, re-imagining it to be way cooler, groovier and good-looking than any package store you've ever seen. It's complete with craft beers, new American whiskeys and everything in between (including chocolate and even treats for your dog). And although the two who are literally inseparable, didn't start out liking each other so much, they've developed quite a bromance, and they're the kind of guys who are so effortlessly hip, you'll do (and drink!) anything they recommend. Welcome to Hi-Lo's week.