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Featured 6.5-6.11.17 | Go ahead, don't stare at her abs. I dare you. Can't do it, can you? Well, you're not alone. Meet Holly Rilinger, coach, trainer, Nike Master Trainer, creator of the boutique fitness craze, Lifted,  which combines her special brand of meditation with her intense brand of high intensity interval training, avid surfer chic (you can tell by the hair, right?), and now, author (her book, Lifted, comes out on June 6). Holly got her start as a professional basketball player (after spending her childhood running around her grandparents' dairy farm in Kansas), and at a mere 5'4", that's no small feat. In fact, it's a testament to her drive, her power and her incredible athleticism. And here's the thing about Holly: she's a badass for sure, but she's also one of the kindest, funniest chicks I know, and she can motivate and inspire like no other.  So she's really earned those abs, don't you think? Oh, and she's also a great drinking partner. Trust me, I know.