My favorite place is my living room in The Hamptons.  I have small cottage in Sag Harbor Village and the interior is all white with minimal décor.  I keep one of my shorter surf boards in the corner and recently added a really cool print over the sofa. It’s a true surf shack. The moment I set foot into my home I can relax. Having a house in Sag Harbor is one of the reasons I can still handle the chaos of NYC.

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John Robshaw Mala Collection Bedding.  It's quintessential Shabby Chic and I love the patterns and colors.  I was never really into prints until I discovered John Robshaw. 


Michael Dweck Photography.  Confession:  I don’t own a print, but I would die for one. I’m a big surfer and my spot is Ditch Plains in Montauk. I love the culture and I love Michael’s eye for simple beach culture and beauty.