As a busy entrepreneur married to another busy entrepreneur we literally never have time to cook. HOWEVER, we always do love a good home cooked meal. Enter: @janecooksforyou she's amazing. Her food is incredible and tailored specifically to our tastes. We say it’s one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. And, we're happy to support a young female entrepreneur versus giving our money to Seamless weekly.

I’m naturally an energetic morning person. I only have one cup and really can’t drink caffeine after 11 AM. But, I live and die by my AM coffee. My Nespresso is a game changer because I can leave the house with a quality cup and head straight into the office. I’ll try to take a moment with my husband and sip it out of my personalized “entrepreneurship” coffee mug, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite items in my home. It describes this roller coaster experience of launching and building a company so perfectly from my perspective. I’m hyper driven and goal oriented and in years past had been a perfectionist. Once I accepted that these ups and downs were all part of the ride, my entire outlook changed. The visual on my favorite mug serves as a great reminder of that experience when going into my day.


In the summer, I love my coffee iced. But, I love my ice cubes more! Why you ask? I always add a little flair with one of my favorite ice cube trays. We have hearts, stars, big spheres and letters. I’ll use it to spell my husbands initials, or a mantra word. I’ll throw some hearts in to focus on self love, or stars if I’m looking for a little extra power to shine that day. It’s those in between moments when I personally believe that design is the most powerful. Why have normal ice cubes when you can so easily have ones that elevate the experience? I apply that logic to almost everything I do around our home or otherwise.

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I keep a freezer of Daily Harvest so that I never have to worry about having something healthy on hand. I love that they have more than just smoothies now. Their overnight oats and savory bowls are a lifesaver on the go.

I've been a fan of Sakara Life since Whitney and Danielle first launched in 2013. Nourishing mind, body and soul from the inside out. I love the glow and the physical reset that even just a week or two on the program gives me. I also love that they pause for the weekends so you can live a balanced life.

We were up early on The Infatuation. Honest recommendations and a high bar across the board means that they rarely miss. But, my favorite thing is Text Rex or as I affectionately call him "Foodie The Dino" — the personalized restaurant recommendation service. A lot of people don't know this exists and it comes in so handy. You can text wherever you are with what you're in the mood for, vibe, etc. And a real (!!!) person writes back with a personalized recommendation. We'd had perfect reccos for everything from "kid friendly ice cream after soccer practice in Tribeca" to "the best lobster roll in Maine" and even "birthday dinner for 20+ people and round tables" Contact number is: 645-60. Save it immediately and please tell them I sent you.