I was first introduced to The American School of Tangier by Joe McPhillips, the headmaster at the time in 2004. Joe was extremely passionate about the school, particularly about the theatre program. The school provides a creative environment for the local Moroccan community and gives its students an American education, meant to equip them with the tools and knowledge to become successful, global citizens. 

During the next few years, Joe invited us to many of his theatre productions written by well-known American playwrights. I became much more involved with the school, attending graduation each year and sitting in on board meetings. Eventually, I was asked to be on the board, which I considered an honor, as I believe in the importance of forging lasting relationships with communities from other parts of the world, especially during this era of rapid change.

My family has been involved with the Museum of the City of New York for generations. I believe it plays a key role in educating people about the city’s history. 


I am involved in Port Tonic Art Center near Saint Tropez. I created it with my brother six years ago on a family property in the Mediterranean. It is a contemporary art exhibition space where we present artistic shows in the summer and host an artist-in-residence program in the winter where artists can stay and paint or sculpt.