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I love to run outdoors along the Hudson River in NYC or hike in Runyon Canyon in LA.. Best running shoes are Asics, but all of my workout gear is NikeLab

I start everyday with warm lemon water even when I'm traveling. I take around 30 supplements every single day that I divide into two sessions: one with my lemon water (without food) and one with breakfast. 

I recently switched to Coconut Cult Vegan Yogurt as my probiotic. It is not hype — seriously it is the best. I have a tablespoon every morning. They now sell it in LA and NYC, but it's usually sold out so your best bet is to order online. Totally cult status!

I have sensitive skin and I find that La Mer and Sisley really work well without irritating me. 

Prestidge Beauté Ageless Skin SerumPeople are all over Vintner's Daughter right now, but this is better and less expensive. It's a real hidden secret and the woman behind the brand is an industry titan, including being Jane Fonda’s make-up artist for over a decade. 

La Mer Creme and Foundation both give you the glow. There's a reason J.Lo uses it all over her body and looks so good! And a plus: The foundation has their "miracle broth" in it and doesn’t look heavy at all.

Sisley Eye Contour Mask and Sisley Eye Concealer are literally the two things I would bring to a deserted island. 

Natura Bisse Diamond Extreme Eye Cream is the best eye cream, not greasy and lasts forever. 

Jade RollerThe internet is all over this trend, but it really works. Draining the fluid from your face is the first step to looking the best you can. 

Micro RollerSome derms and plastic surgeons are doing this as a treatment in office. I do this once a week and it hurts, but the results are amazing. 

Near Infrared LightI originally got this light to help heal a muscle injury, as you can use it for aches and pains. But there are so many benefits such as increasing collagen and helping heal muscles. You might have seen Lady Gaga talk about it. The light can also help you heal from colds faster. A session should be around 20 mins. 

I practice transcendental mediation. They ask for two twenty min sessions daily. I usually get to do the morning session, but hardly ever get to the second session. 

I have the most epic chiro in the world and want to give her a shout-out. Dr. Laura Brayton has solved some chronic life long issues of mine in one session. Self-care is so important especially when you are constantly on planes. Worth the drive to Hoboken! 

I get my color done at Sally Hershberger by Lucille Javier who is the best best best.