The Select Guest



Featured 11.13-11.19.17 | I finally met Jaspre Guest a few short weeks ago after a number of failed attempts at getting together for drinks. In true New York fashion, plans were made and cancelled and then made again until we finally managed to sync our calendars and get it together. And here's what I can tell you: It is my greatest regret that I wasted even one day not knowing this human, because within three seconds of meeting her, I was in the throes of a total girl crush. Guest is the quirky, gorgeous, smart AF bi-coastal founder of Noise 784 (a PR agency that is about as far from traditional PR as you can get) and Happy Noise (the virtual energy cleanser for your digital life), and she's a total breath of fresh air. A true out-of-the-box thinker, she has fixed and built some of the biggest lifestyle brands out there, using her sometimes untested, but always spot-on, philosophy of  what I like to call anti-PR, or, as she likes to say, she likes to stir shit up and make some noise. And in a world that can often feel a bit monotone, she adds light and color to every room she enters. Welcome to Jaspre's week.