The Select Guest



Featured 6.27-7.3 | As the reigning Queen of Athleisure, Jennifer Bandier has singlehandedly changed the way we think about workout wear, turning sweaty gym clothes into high fashion. She's also incredibly kind, smart, funny and inspiring, and I have been lucky to call her a friend for as long as I can remember. As the owner and visionary behind the incredible brand Bandier, she has proven herself to be a force of nature: energetic, enthusiastic, loyal, whip smart and so fully motivated she'll make you wonder how she does it all. Her career has been varied (prior to launching Bandier she was a music exec, managing Grammy-winning bands like TLC. I mean ... c'mon), and everything she has done has always inspired me to work harder and be better. She's an expert on all things and her selects are the perfect reflection of her zest for life.