The Select Guest



Featured 8.1-8.7 | I've known Jennifer Fisher, the designer of her eponymous jewelry line, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, for many years. When we first met, she was in the early days of her business, and I was in awe of her talent and drive. Plus, I thought her jewelry was knockout perfect: edgy and cool and so incredibly wearable, as perfect with a t-shirt as it is with a ball gown. Today, she celebrates 10+ years in the business and is wildly successful, that drive having put her in the center of every design map in the world. She has been nominated for CFDA awards, can be seen on the necks, ears, fingers and wrists of some the biggest celebs (Rihanna and Beyoncé to name just two), was named Influencer of the Year by the Accessories Council and has won the Social Media game with Instagram and Snapchat accounts that are nothing short of transcendent. She has accomplished more by 7am than most of us will do in a week — her energy and enthusiasm for everything she does inspiring everyone in her orbit. Oh, and did I mention that she's gorgeous, too?
Welcome to Jennifer's week.