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I stopped working out about a year ago and have honestly never been happier. I realized that I just really hate it. I love to stretch and do yoga (which got me through both of my pregnancies), and I used to practice privately with Leslie Harris but since she moved I haven't found anyone i enjoy as much. I also used to do Body by Simone, but the same issue — once Simone moved to LA and I wasn't practicing privately with her it wasn't the same for me. I'm not a huge group fitness person (although I was a SoulCycle junkie for awhile, but to me that didn't really count as group fitness since the class takes place in the dark). And I still miss the endorphin rush after a class, and Laurie Cole's playlists, but I can't get motivated to join a group class at this point.

I now is eat cleaner than ever because I'm very conscious of anti-aging and taking care of my skin and body. I try try to eat "caveman" style; basically, if it comes from a package, I limit it in my diet. I stick with lots of clean protein and vegetables and am also low glycemic and low sodium due to a Thyroid Disease I was diagnosed with 18 years ago. My metabolism is very slow so I keep it simple and clean. 

Now for the real shit (literally). I get colonics; I'm a big believer in keeping my colon clean. Maybe it's because of the thyroid disease, but It's a major part of my regime. It clears your skin and gives you incredible energy. Since I started getting them, I've been told time and again that I look younger and my skin is clearer. I go to Fluid Water Therapy in NYC. They are the only colonic center in Manhattan to offer the FDA-registered Angel of Water colon hydrotherapy system, which provides the safest and most hygienic colonic irrigation experience out there.

I also get Vitamin injections every two weeks. I do a combination of B12 / COQ10 and Glutathione which helps to keep me strong and energized, especially with my crazy schedule of almost nightly events and constant travel. I do these at Reviv which is connected to Fluid. 

I'm not a believer in juicing as I think it's just too much sugar, but I do drink a TON of water (seriously— about 6 Smartwaters a day!), and love Drought waters. They are watered-down versions of juices and they deliver to me, which is awesome.

As far as beauty products go, I'm a skincare junkie. I use a ton of products and tend to rotate, but my mainstays are products from Tatcha, La Prairie, Clinique and Joanna Vargas (she's also my facialist and her Triple Crown Facial is a must).