I am so inspired by the Girls Club of NY. They’re on the Lower East Side and give girls a place to gather, feel supported and a dream big! These girls are taught to believe they can do anything and the Girls Club provides them with a space that is all theirs. Their amazing center offers middle and high school girls awesome programing in the arts, sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness in a safe space. I was introduced to them by Shelly Armistead from Gjelina in Venice Beach. They are doing amazing work.

I’m also very passionate about Publicolor, which is an amazing organization founded by Ruth Lande Shuman. Its mission is to use design and the arts to engage high school kids in their own education and to bringing more color and art to New York City Public Schools. Ruth Lande Shuman founded Publicolor to use color, collaboration, design and the discipline of commercial painting to engage at-risk middle and high school students,  targeting the most underserved communities in New York City. This is the time in their lives when they really need to be supported and mentored. As a result, she created COLOR Club, Next Steps, and Summer Design Studio to ensure that students are engaged a minimum of 3 days a week for 4-6 years before college, and then all throughout college. Publicolor has helped send hundreds of kids to college and it’s amazing organization!