I live in the West Village so I’m surrounded by good spots. A few favorites: Via Carota and Buvette. Jody Williams is such a genius and her food is simple and delicious. She’s also a master at creating restaurants that you just want to spend time in. I would happily start every day at Buvette and end it with dinner at Via Carota. Also Camille Becerra is such an artist and De Maria in Nolita is beautiful and so special. The space was designed by the talented ladies from MP Shift and Camille’s food is the artful match to the super chic interior.

The burger at Spotted Pig is forever and always my favorite. I lived around the corner when it first opened and still think it’s the best in New York.

51 Grove St, NYC
+1 212 255 1962

42 Grove St,. NYC

19 Kenmare St, NYC
+1 212 966 3058

314 w 11th St, NYC
+1 212 620 0393

I’m a total junkie. Some favorites that really inspire me: Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, Gjelina, Plenty, Dinner at the Long Table, Salad for President. The Zuni Cookbook is still one of my favorite reads - there are so many great recipes in that book.

Wood  and marble boards. I’m obsessed. I love serving beautiful food and a simple wood or marble board can be the best serving vessel. I love the wood boards by Hay and the marble boards from Hawkins New York. They are so versatile and everything looks so beautiful even when just casually arranged.
I love cooking for a crowd, so large format, family-style eating is it for me. I’m also a tabletop junkie, so setting a table is one of my favorite things to do. I collect Royal Copenhagen both vintage and new, so I’m always excited to add a new piece to my collection. I’ve also recently been obsessing over Richard Ginori and just scored the most beautiful salad plates from the collaboration they did with Moda Operandi.

Shopping for produce at the Greenmarket and Eataly which are near my apartment. The produce team at Eataly does an amazing job at sourcing and curating an amazing selection of greens and lettuces. I am always excited to shop there and come home and make a delicious salad.

Watching Master Chef Junior with my daughter Emilia. She is obsessed and Christina Tosi is her idol. Serious Rock Star Status.