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A few beauty essentials I can’t live without: Aesop Facial Cleanser, Herbivore Orchid Oil is my nightly ritual and truly has changed my skin, the new Body Hero by Glossier is the BOMB! It's one of the best body moisturizers on the market in a long time. It’s super moisturizing without being greasy. Soleil Toujours sunscreen has the best all over coverage. The spray is so luxurious and it makes your skin feel amazing. Warm Body Oil for my growing pregnant belly. It smells like old-school coconut sunscreen and salty beach air.

I’m pregnant and SoulCycle has saved me these first five months. I’m a small person and I get pretty huge during pregnancy. Soul makes me feel great without the impact on the pregnant bod. My favorites (and probably yours): Stacey, Laurie Cole and Akin are incredible motivators.

I love what Tyler Haney is doing with Outdoor Voices. The fit and colors are super flattering, plus they're really well made and wash perfectly. My favorites:  The ¾ Two Tone Warm Up Leggings and all of their bras are super comfortable.

A bath with Susanne Kaufmann Bath Soak, Le Labo Santal 26 candle and some relaxing music is necessary to unwind.. I often get interrupted by a kid or a husband but that’s just life!