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Featured | 9.25-10.1.17 | As an interior designer wannabe, I have had  a very long standing love affair with Domino magazine. From its first issue to its last, to its relaunch in 2013, I have spent countless hours obsessing over its pages and shopping its incredible website. So you can imagine the level of hero worshipping I did when I met Domino's Editor-in-Chief and true It-Girl, Jessica Romm Perez. With a serious magazine pedigree (she's written and edited for everyone from Elle Decor to Conde Nast Traveler to Food & Wine to The Wall Street Journal's Off Duty section), she's as smart as she is beautiful, with an ethereal. laid-back look that reflects her style both on the pages and off. She's also incredibly talented when it comes to knowing what the next big thing is going to be, whether in fashion, beauty, travel or design, and every single thing she does is chic AF. Welcome to Jessica's week.