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Photographs by  Daphne Youree

Photographs by Daphne Youree


Featured 8.12-8.18.19 | Jessica Young lives in a bubble. But not the kind that probably first comes to mind. No, rather than the obliviousness and self-absorption that typify the more common type of bubble dwellers, Young’s BUBBLE has been consciously and conscientiously constructed for the benefit of others. As CEO of — you guessed it — BUBBLE, the online marketplace that curates tasty, clean-label health foods, Young uses her in-depth knowledge of harmful toxins and ingredients to help her fellow health-seeking shoppers steer clear of them. A biochemistry major who dropped out of college to attend cooking school in NYC, her culinary resume showed promise: She worked her way up to Michelin-starred restaurants and did stints as a private chef (want to know what went on the kitchens of Scarlett Johansson and Robert DeNiro? Same) before making the leap into entrepreneurship, working at forward-thinking food ventures like HU Kitchen, Ritual and Daily Harvest. Even now as she runs things at BUBBLE, Young is keen to stay in the mix, serving as a mentor at The Chobani Incubator, a program for companies taking on broken food systems to bring healthier options to more people, and actively supporting The Lower East Side Girls Club, a STEM-rich safe haven (complete with a biology lab, rooftop farm and full culinary kitchen) dedicated to helping young women explore their passions through training in wellness, entrepreneurship, leadership, science, the arts and more. Feeling inspired to put down that bag of Cheetos, wash the orange dust from your hands and use them to get up to something good? We feel you. Welcome to Jessica’s week.