Living in the Lower East Side for the past four years (I’ve recently moved to the West Village), I came across the Lower East Side Girls Club through their center located on Avenue D. I feel very lucky and fortunate that I ended up in New York, where I was able to explore and discover what I’m truly passionate about. New York shaped me and helped me grow today as an entrepreneur.


This is why I feel honored to have found The Lower East Side Girls Club and help in their mission to provide a safe haven for young women to pursue their passions. They offer programs from wellness, entrepreneurship, leadership, science, and the arts. They make it a goal to train the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and environmental leaders. They even provide a Biology lab for STEM programming and research, a rooftop farm, a full culinary kitchen, cafe and more. From volunteering to now sitting as a Junior Board Member, I’m looking forward to continuing to help in their mission and inspire young girls to find what they truly love to do.